t h e  D an g e r s   o f                   S p r i n g :

Premiere ;  Lake Studios Berlin, Berlin, Germany |  2017

other performances : Theater Hauz Mitte,



Let Me In Festival  |  2017 

with other featured/ collaborating artists :

Yotam Peled, Kunstwollen Label, CIE Sapharide, Angela Lamrianidou, Vivian Chan, Ziggurart Project, GAU Company ( Nadine Freisleben ), Jaoitz Osa, Claire Waffel, Lisa Simpson

Concept + Choreography : Angela Fegers

Creation + Performance : Sarah Bleasdale, Elena Francalanci, Daniela Marcozzi, Julia Rauch

Music + Sound Design : Jim Zweerts


The “Dangers of Spring” is an ever developing interactive audience experience. In the premiere, a selected audience member was given a set of headphones with an mp3 player, attached were audible instructions. The audience member was asked to follow the instructions carefully, and doing so directs the story board of four connecting vignettes onstage.. The four vignettes explore the Dangers of Spring, the emotional rollercoaster that Spring feeds our soul. The spectator wanders through the memories, adapting them to how he or she wishes to portray and continue their stories.


In phase three, we added a new performer and discontinued the mp3 player element. The new performer served as a host for the show and directed the spectator manually through the memories, this allowed the interaction to serve more of an impact, as the audience member could really feel the emotional turmoil that the performers were experiencing along side he or she and the host. Phase three also brought a solo work within “The Dangers of Spring,”The dogs of Berlin," which serves as the loop, or thread of the piece. See, "the dogs of Berlin."

photos : ( top to bottom ) Turlach O'Broin + Bernad Kumar