Pattern State.
Pattern State.

Miami Fringe- Angela Fegers.

Pattern State
Pattern State

Miami Fringe - Monica Sharon + Angela Fegers.

Pattern State.
Pattern State.

Miami Fringe- Monica Sharon.

P a t t e r n  S t a t e :

Concept and choreography: Angela


Fegers, Moira Holohan, Monica Sharon.


Creation and performance: Angela

Fegers, Monica Sharon.

Installation : Moire Holohan


Premiere on the 21st of February 2014 at Perez Art Gallery (Miami Art Museum)  | Miami, USA

Second performance on the 20th of

September at Miami Fringe, Art Days, Made Possible by the city of Miami | Miami, USA



Pattern State first came into existence for a gallery space at the Perez Art Museum, in collaboration with visual artist Moira Holohan and performers / choreographers Monica Sharon and Angela Fegers ( Miami, Florida ) . The installation involved three performers for the gallery setting and was the primary exploration to what was developed in the Miami Fringe Festival. The gallery setting presented three days following a gesture pattern while still remaining in a non-active trance in comparison to the day to day life we create for ourselves and following motions and specific routines.


Following the Museum trial, Pattern state then became a site specific installation and performance chosen by the city of Miami for The Fringe Festival and Art Dayz.


Six Artistic teams were chosen and curated by Amanda Sanfilippo, in order to create site specific pieces to bring more awareness to the arts to the general public of Miami.


A Pattern was created through macrame plastic and hung from a tall building. Two dancers were harnessed to the building and instantly composed a set of pedestrian patterns, in order to communicate universally through gestures.



They used their site specific performance to try and bring more awareness from the general public to the arts, by performing one hour a day, for ten days.



Pattern State was created by Monica Sharon, Angela Fegers and Moira Holohan. It was commissioned by the city of Miami for The Fringe Festival and Art Dayz.