Concept and Choreography: Angela Fegers

Creation and performance : Rivkins Christopher, Nina Chong, Angie Lu, Rashidi Lewis, Kristen Rizzuto

Music + Sound Design : Micheal Wall

Premiere :  10th of November 2015 at American Swiss Ballet Choreography Showcase | New York City, New York


“SNAP” is inspired by Malcom Gladwell's book, BLINK. Gladwell speaks of Snap Judgements, faced everyday with these interactions in New York City, SNAP came to life after the realization of this. Human beings make a decision about something, or someone in point three seconds, that is about the amount of time it takes for you to blink your eye open, and close and then open again. This initial insight taken in from what is in front of you, is generally not changed. If you initially think or feel a certain way in these point three seconds, then you can most likely agree that this perspective will remain the same.. In New York City we face it everyday, in my routine I most frequent this idea in the Union Square subway station, I try to recall these moments where someone has given me a judgement, or when I have given it alternatively to someone else.


When I was growing up my mom used to tell me when she saw strangers, “I want to tell you this person's life story.” She would sit there and tell me, what she decided was his life story, where he grew up, what he did, when his wife died... All of these thoughts would come instantly to her in a snap judgment, we have been judging those around us since our early youth. Constantly within the first seconds of even meeting our eyes to theirs. 

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