A collaborative, interdisciplinary experiment. Inspired by the Paulo Coelho novel, "The Witch of Portabella." "Flow State," explores the possibilities of trance through video, audio, and performative connections. 

F l o w   s t a t e

Concept and Choreography : Angela Fegers, Monica Sharon, Moira Holohan.

Creation and Performance: Angela Fegers, Monica Sharon, RIvkins Christopher, Joel Mays, Moira Holohan (visual Artist)

Live Music : Kenneth Metzker

Premiered at : The Emerson Dorsche Gallery, Miami, USA.

Performed at :  Art Basel, Miami, USA

Flow is a state of consciousness; being completely absorbed in an activity, specifically one that involves creative abilities.


Flow State explored the manner in which artists in a state of flow experience an effortless control and unselfconsciousness while reaching the peak of their ability.


Flow State was shown at the Emerson Dorsch Gallery in Miami, FL. Using the Flow state film projected in the background, musicians and dancers were asked to improvise in order to reach a state of Flow. As the drummer played with low pitched sounds, the dancers used their movements to reach flow.


The audience was welcomed to sit, stand or walk through the space, in order to witness artists achieving a state of flow. These pictures reflect moments of the performance within the installation, where the projected film causes shadows onto the screen, as the dancers move.