Gentlemen Are Like Rocks.





Concept and choreography : Angela Fegers + Monica Sharon


Creation and performance : Angela Fegers + Monica Sharon


Music and sound design : Lukas


Lighting Designer : Taffy Bouwdijns


Premiere on the 31st of May at A.C.I.D a production by Angela Fegers, Monica Sharon, Taffy Bouwdijns and Svektu Wu | made possible by OT301 STUDIOS Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Gentlemen Are Like Rocks, is a further study for the piece by Angela Fegers, “The Dangers of Spring,” and “EXHIBIT A,” by Monica Sharon. This piece takes one audience member into the structure of the story board, playing the role as a partner in some kind of imaginary relationship with the main performer (Angela Fegers). The piece plays as a test to adapt to instant situations both for the performer and the spectator (the selected audience member).


“The Dangers of Spring,” explores what happens when the audience has more control of what they are viewing, and the action occurring in front of their own eyes. The goal for this piece was to give the opportunity for an audience member to experience what it felt like to be on stage, an experience most people will never have.


“Exhibit A,” explores reactions to a variation in light colors, the result of movement and mood from constant changes.


The main character in “Gentlemen Are Like Rocks,” is taking an unsuspected audience member on an emotional rollercoaster, all in the matter of 15 minutes...