o n e  f o u r t h

Concept and choreography : Angela Fegers


Creation and performance : Angela Fegers + Monica Sharon + Rivkins Christopher + Rashidi Lewis + Nina Chong

( varied on performance )



Premiere on the 15th of May 2015 at Miami Dance Festival in Miami, USA.


Performed on 20th of July 2015 at Wassaic Music and Arts Festival, Wassaic, New York | USA , made possible by Earl Mosley


28th of August 2015 at American Swiss Ballet Choreography Showcase, New York City | USA




One-Fourth was developed in 2015 and inspired by a music Professor at New World School of the Arts in Miami, Florida. During this time the introduction to the Sonata music form became very relevant. The Sonata form was magnified for being a structure to relate to emotionally, after listening to the audio in the piece of music selections. The form starts as a relationship; In the first breath, we feel very upbeat and positive for the future. We are in the honeymoon phase of our love, and as the Sonata begins we can feel the same with the score of the notes and pauses. As the score continues, the musical piece becomes a bit dry, or predictable, as does the relationship, until eventually becoming completely neutral and plateaued.


After staying at this plateau the score drops to something completely unrecognizable, which we have not previously heard in the musical execution. At the end of the piece of music, we see slight reminisce and memory of the opening phrase of music, we recall how it felt in the beginning and how it sounded as we listened. Professor insisted the same policy and outline can apply for relationships. We are carried through the beginning and then we reach a plateau until we feel what we felt once more again for the last time, before eventually parting ways. Music can be like life, which is why it is considered to be the most easily relatable art form.


One-Fourth explores the form of the Sonata structure through visual movement, still applying the philosophy audibly and transferring this concept to visual inspiration for the audience.


A choreographer in Miami, Florida told me once before, that people place such an emphasis on romantic relationships, the relationships where we kiss and hug and cuddle at night until sunrise, but people have no consciousness for the fact that this is only one form of relationships which we have in our lives. We have so many other types of relationships, we can forget that what we think we need, maybe playing a chameleon as another form in our existing lives.