t h e    6 t h    d i n n e r   /   4 t h   m e a l 

Premiere ;  American Bibliothek Memorial Festival | 5th September 2018 Berlin, Germany 

Other performances + Residencies : 

Temp Residency, Lisbon, Portugal . |  15-22 November 2018 

Lake Studios Berlin, 22 November 2018, Berlin, Germany

The 6th Dinner/ 4th meal, is an open response to the dance industry, and what may not be so obvious at first glance, a social experiment on how far humans will follow directions. The 6th dinner, is a plea for a change, and an obnoxious response to Jan Fabre’s open letter, and other recent ridicules criticizing the dance industry. The 6th dinner introduces two performers who are processing a dance phrase that is modified and varied throughout the entirety of the piece. The audience is instructed to enter the space, and involve themselves while the performers are continuing their “work.” The audience is given instructions in real-time, which are projected onto a wall in the space, and typed from a computer in the space. The instructions vary, from simply telling them to move to a different place in the room, to jump up and down, to shake their body. All typical instructions that any dancer would receive when going into an audition, the audience may wonder “why are we doing this?” but still continue to follow instructions; like sheep, the world turns us into. The intention of the piece is to insist that the audience must actively use their brains as much as the performers, versus the alternative, the dummy role that is usually executed, sitting in a chair and observing beauty. The 6th dinner pulls the audience into the world of the dancers, so they can relate to the human beings in front of them, and resist to acknowledge them as some untouchable fairy-like mythical performer. The 6th dinner presents the dancers as persistent humans, finding themselves in situations they may not necessarily be in, but are, because of lack of better financial circumstances. The common disrespect of their industry from the blue collar world, and the common misconceived thought that their work is not a “real job.” Even though they are following instructions as any other industry would, when a lawyer is told to fight a case, he also does it. When a dancer is told to fight a case, they do it for free. We enter the 6th dinner, and we love coffee.


Concept + Choreography : Angela Fegers

Creation + Performance : Laura Guy

Technical Support :  Elodie Correia

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The music is a collection of sounds which were recorded by Angela Fegers in her time spent in Berlin, arranged by Angela as well.